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 Portfolio Management Services
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Portfolio Management

Shariah Based Portfolio Management Advisory (PMAS)

A Portfolio in Equity Market refers to basket of stocks/ Shares that a person wants toinvest into. This may include a mix of Stocks based on their size and sectors

The service is offered by our Research team This service is very similar to the one provided by Mutual Fund Managers. The difference between a Portfolio Management Advisory Service (PMAS) and Mutual Fund (MF) is that of customization. In most cases, MFs have preset schemes and investors join and exit those schemes at various points of time at prevailing Net Asset Values (NAV). Under PMAS, the Client or investor chart out specific needs of the client and the Advisory is given accordingly, some investors want short investment calls some medium and long term The advisor in this we in accordance with those needs design and suggest the investors. As a result of this customization, client, with his specific needs, benefits. The service level in the form of SMS calls, Email or personal interaction as and when required, the gains through stock Advisory is comparable with mutual Funds and many times the returns are better than that of a mutual fund.

The Portfolio Advisory service is more effective and reduces the risk by diversifying stocks in Sectors and size to improve returns. The Portfolio Advisory Serviceendeavortargets best combination stocks of the companied given as per the client's need definition.

Dividend& Capital gains Purification Ratio:

In certain cases revenue from non-compliant businesses is permissible if they comply with the norms for threshold of Income from Non-permissible Business activity is less than 5 % of the total revenue.

Income from Non-permissible Business activities / Revenue < 10%

This ratio is provided to investors for purification of income from dividends and is calculated as:

This ratio is provided to investors for purification of income from dividends and is calculated as Dividends (Non Permissible Revenue / Total Revenue) (The Shariah board suggested to the investors to give their impure income as charity). Successful investing requires a disciplined approach, sound and up to date advice; and effective monitoring of your investments. We guide our the same

Advantages of our stock advisory: An accomplished investment solution for Shariah Compliant Investors. We advise only equity cash market segment,we do not promote equity Derivatives of any kind, as Derivatives are not permissible and considered as speculation and gambling. PMAS is designed for investors who want to maintain, manage and multiply their investments with sound fundamental investment strategy with personal interaction Pragmatic Wealth management’s PMAS team not only advices but also shares research to our clients and give them knowledge about investing.

PMAS – A Step Ahead Than PMS

So how Portfolio management Advisory services (PMAS) stand against a Portfolio Management Service (PMS) Actually PMAS it is a step ahead of PMS in many respects. A PMS investor has to pay up the amount to be invested to the portfolio manager and then the manager does all the investing on behalf of the investor. So, the investor has no control over his portfolio of investments and cannot decide which stocks or instruments to buy or sell. The manager takes all the decisions as per his view of the markets and there is absolutely no involvement of the investor in the decision-making process. In other words, the investor’s risk and returns are determined by the portfolio manager’s call on the markets. As against this, a PMAS investor is fully in command of his portfolio and can take his own decisions. He does not have to pay up anything to anyone for investing except the advisory fees and can invest in any stocks of his choice (in accordance with the advice of his advisor). Since he invests in his own name, he is the owner of the securities and the residue cash or idle cash is with him in his bank.

The main difference between the PMAS and PMS is in its decision making process; PMAS recommends portfolio in nondiscretionary manner and all decisions are finally taken by the investors themselves, while PMS manages a portfolio in discretionary manner. The discretionary portfolio manager will independently manage the funds of each client in accordance with the needs of the client. The non-discretionary portfolio advisory services enable the client to take decision with regards to his portfolio.

Client remain in control of your investments

PMAS do not handle clients’ money but only advice on equity investment and, the best part is, it is non-discretionary. At any point of time, client is in complete control of his money and investments decisions. PWM advises his clients through various advisory services, such as Newsletters, SMS Investment Calls, and Multi-bagger calls and Customized Model Portfolios..

Dedicated Team

We, at PWM have a dedicated Advisory and Research team comprising of experienced and qualified professionals, graduates, MBA, and junior CFA, our research is done with top class data analysis software and we do quality check of research given to our clients

In short, a Portfolio management services to the clients are cost effective, return oriented, reduces risk and endeavor’s to improve returns. The PMASattempts to target best combination of risk & return and good quality stocks that are having least debt, well governed profitable and good brands.

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