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Our milestone(what have we achieved)
Islami Tijara Equity (ITE) Indices(Owned by pragmatic equities (India) Pvt ltd)

In 2009, Pragmatic Equities (India) Pvt. Ltd. launched the “Islami Tijara Equity” index or the ITE Shariah Indices comprisingonly of Shariah Compliant stocks.

The ITE Shariah Indices are derived from the ITE Shariah Compliant Universe list of stocks. The universe of listed companies on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) is screened for Shariah Compliance as per Shariah Board (IIFB) approved norms andhence ITE Shariah Compliant Universe is derived.

At present as of December 2020 the following are the findings:

Compliant Status

No. of

Percentage of Total  companies

Total Market


Percentage of Total Market Capitalization

Shariah Compliant Stocks





Ratio Based Shariah Non –Compliant





Industry Based Non- Compliant





Total Traded Stocks





*Rs in Crore
ITE Shariah Indices fall in two categories namely
  1. Size Based Indices(ITE-35 / ITE-211 / ITE-101 / ITE-MIDCAP / ITE-SMALL CAP)
  2. Sector Based Indices(IN ALL 10 SHARIAH COMPLIANT SECTORS)

Details on ITE Indices can be accessed at website www.pragmaticwealth.net

Shariah Based Broking Platform

Pragmatic Equities (India) Pvt. Ltd. have tied up as channel partner with Safal Capital India Ltd. Hence PWM is an Authorized Person (AP). We offer trading facility through mobile and online transactions, the potential investors can call us at office and transact.

We further offer Shariah stock recommendation and guide them to buy quality Shariah compliant stocks.

Clients through our website can have a direct access to the back office and we also send monthly report to all our clients through Email about their holding and ledger balance position etc.

we give additional guidance on how to build their portfolio, risk management and impart knowledge about markets and the economy.

Stock Advisory

To facilitate our clients we give fee based stock advisory through SMS calls, these calls recommends which stock to buy for short, medium and long term.

All the stock suggested are Shariah compliant. This service is open all, client’s trade through us or with any other broker.

The potential clients have to subscribe our service by paying the advisory fees upfront and can avail our services.

Islami Tijara Magazine

In the year 2010, PWM launched Islamic Finance and Investment Magazine named “Islami Tijara” and addresses a wide variety of topics on Islamic Finance and investments. The research reports made by PWM research team are regularly published in the Magazine and also comprehensive Knowledge Centre. Islami Tijara Magazine covers a wide range of topics from Islamic Finance concepts, Interpretations from Shariah Law on Finance, Fiqul Mauamlat; Quranic Injunction on dealings,interviews and news about Islamic Finance. Stock Market related research reports and Information about markets and economy.

Magazine subscription and other details on Current and past issues of our magazine can be accessed through our website www.islamitijara.com/Magazine

Shariah Board

Pragmatic Equities (India) Pvt. Ltd. (PWM) initiated along with eminent Shariah scholars a Shariah Board called the Islamic Investment and Finance Board (IIFB), which is an independent India, based Shariah Finance and Investment Advisory Board and it certifies financial products. The IIFB comprises eminent Muftis, Aalims, and Islamic Finance Scholars from across various Islamic schools of thought. With lot of debate, discussion and deliberation they conclude that the financial services are in accordance to Shariah. The Shariah Bard passes resolution in consensus with all the members.. For more details on Shariah Board members and about Shariah Board you may visit our Shariah Board section on this website Click Here

The Team
PWM has developed a Robust and professional team to focus on each of its divisions, to give quality services to our clients
  1. Equity Research (MBAs and Graduates)
  2. Construction of Islamic Index and its maintenance,Identification of Companies, (MBAs and Graduates)
  3. Products and Methodologies for trading on the basis of Islamic Shariah (Muftis and Aalims)
  4. Skilled Designer: For Islami Tijara Magazine and related art work
  5. Qualified Equity Dealers with good experience and expertise
  6. Information Technology Hardware Management
  7. Marketing (MBAs and Graduates) Operations and Admin