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Our Company
Our Misison & Vision
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About Us
Our mission is to achieve the goal of ethical and socially responsible investing which is our theme and objective and to bring more and more Muslims into the main stream economy through equity participation the Islamic way.

In order to do so we have listed the following:
  • Create Awareness for Halal Investment Products & Services through Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops and educate Muslims on Islamic Investment
  • Encourage investments “the Islamic Way”, as this investment avenue has been proved world over to be beneficial to investor community and the economic system as a whole
  • To Identify, develop and facilitate Shariah Compliant investments products & services
  • To build a comprehensive Islamic wealth management company
  • To Initiate dialogue with regulatory authorities (SEBI, RBI, and IRDA) to permit Islamic Investment & Finance in India
  • To facilitate Shariah Compliant investors to tap opportunities in the Indian Equity markets by providing them complete guidance on Islamic Investment.

Goal & Vision

The goals of our company is to provide the best cost efficient Financial Services including Stock Broking, Advisory, efficient Portfolio Management Services, Merchant Banking Services, Depository Services, and education to upcoming investors on capital markets on the basis of Islamic Shariah.

The Company will be very strict to comply with the principles of Islam to create an Investor friendly financial environment for the benefit of all human beings. It is not restricted to Muslim alone but for the class of people who desire to invest in socially responsible and ethically sound Investing.